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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

EmBelISH Hairclip Holders© - Finally for Sale...

I have finally found the time to sit down and list the EmBelISH hairclip holders© that I have had in the making for the last couple of weeks. In all honesty I have slightly modified a design by my good friend Kate, who with her second baby just weeks away said she would never have time to get some made and thought they would make a great addition to the EmBelISH offerings. So a Huge Thank you goes out to Kate for her super craftiness!!!!

You can purchase them from our ETSY store here

and here is a pic to give you an idea of what I am talking about...

My mum AKA 'Supper Nanny Anne' arrives tomorrow night so I am hoping to have my sewing machine smoking over the next few weeks and have another 10 fabric choices available plus about a million (ok about a dozen) other half finished or need to be started projects finished over the next month. So watch this space! (I have always wanted to say that ;)


  1. Yay to a smokin' sewing machine!!! And a big YAY to your new products. LOVE 'em! Such a great idea - I have a little niece that will love one of these for Christmas. I'm just going to wait and see the full range of fabric choices first ;)
    Cheers, Bec

  2. These would be so fun for kids. It would make getting their hair combed fun in the morning as they could choose their accessories. I really like the hot pink one.

  3. So cute for a girl's room. I can just see the little girl sitting at her dressing table, watching from the mirror, trying out all the possibilities from her wonderful selection of cute little clips hanging on display. I love it! Although she may run a little late for outings, but it's cool to be fashionably late! :-)

  4. Awww thanks guys! I had a) no idea that you were blogging so much (will try and check in more often) and b) that you'd mentioned me.... feeling a little famous ;)


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