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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have been rather naughty in the last few weeks and have expanded my ever growing fabric collection (see below). Anyone that knows me well knows what a hopeless shopper I am! Up until recently (since our budget was tightened when I finished work) I wouldn't even try clothes on until I got home and then they would sit (tags on) in my wardrobe until I did the next big Spring clean and started all over again. But after the past weeks splurge I have decided that this it, my fabric boxes are overflowing so no more! I am not going to Spotlight for at least the next 6 months! But in the meantime have a look at the beautiful collection below...

I have to say though that ETSY is a very bad influence, whilst 'researching' for my four favorite ETSY finds (see tomorrow's post) I found yet another beautiful fabric supplier care of Little Mary Moo's shop, so I have tucked away this one in my favorites (pipijoe) ready for when the sales come rolling in and I need another fabric fix!!! ;)
Hope your having a lovely sunny day!
Bel xx
P.S If you are as bad as me you can find the above fabrics at the following:
1. Cute Animal Patchwork, Tiny Matroska Dolls, Black and White Elephants and Tiny Robots from LUCKY KAERU FABRIC & SUPPLIES on ETSY
2. Hippo Fabric from IKEA
3. Strawberries, Mini Polka dots and Red and White Stars from SPOTLIGHT
4. Slope Pink Birds, Japanese Navy Owls and Mini Cupcakes from FUNKY-FABRIX on Ebay
Happy Shopping :)


  1. Bel,

    Thank you for the mention, very much appreciated. I do have a minor pippijoe addiction, it is just too lovely and original to pass up. I love the selection of fabrics you have brought. I think I like the Hippo fabric best of all. That etsy store is amazing too.

  2. Don't mean to a bad influence Bel... but do you know about Super Buzzy? http://www.superbuzzy.com/ :) Kate


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