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Friday, September 12, 2008

Off to Market we go :)

Yep, as Em said below another month has rolled on by and we are getting ready for the monthly market that we attend at St Williams in Keppera. My DH knows to keep out of my way a few days before as I am frantically trying to finish all those half started projects that I had planned to add to our stock collection and my kitchen is full of yummy smells of Lemon Butter and Gingerbread Mums and Bubs. So don't forget for those of you living in the Brisbane area make sure you pop in and say Hi to us tomorrow at St Williams (details in post below)
Bel x


  1. Whhooo these look delicious. Hope the market went well today :)
    Cheers, Bec

  2. Love those little ginger bread people. How many actually made it to their destination without losing any limbs to the nibble monsters? I had my son's school fair to go to that day, I would love to pop into one of the St Williams markets. Hope the day went well for you. :-) Amanda

  3. Those gingerbread men are MUCH more attractive than our recent efforts!


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