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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fave Four Finds (on Etsy)

Hi there everyone,
sorry am a bit late in putting up the 4 faves for the week...
Enjoy :-)

Bat Magnet by handmadebytammy, Print "Squeezed" by nutandbee, Nano Monkey by MonkeyTravelClub, Poo Softie by shelikescute

xx Em


  1. Ha! A poo softie? Wow! Who woulda thunk it! It's a very cute poo softie. I'm sure that is the first time I've used 'poo' & 'cute' in the same sentence :)

  2. LOL I know and you know what the funniest thing is ... i found the poo softie by searching, you guessed it POO !! oops
    :-) Em

  3. haha, that poo softie is too cute. And thanks for featuring my monkey too. He's very proud to sit next to that a'hem...poo. hehehe thanks,

  4. I'm sure my three year old would love the poo softie. He's obsessed with poo!

    That poor lemon, now how can I ever squeeze a lemon after seeing that!


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