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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday #7

Morning Everyone,

well what an absolutely glorious Spring day (can you tell from the spring in my voice that Lucas has started to come around the corner and is slowly learning to sleep again !! Yay)

My Shadow today is my gorgeous little man playing with his bead maze in our lounge room, we have awesome big triangular windows and the shadows are just devine.

Have a great weekend everyone and a great week

xx Em
p.s. to join in shadow shot sunday or to look at other shadows go Here


  1. What a handsome fellow! Wonderful shadows!

  2. He is gorgeous and so is this shadow shot! ;-)


  3. That is one gorgeous photo! Very sweet!

    Talkin' about sweet, those gingerbread men below are making me very hungry. I had planned to go to that market yesterday but then forgot all about it. I'm such a dufus brain. Not capable of remembering anything longer than 5 minutes...

  4. Brilliant mind game and colors, super shadow shot and a real keeper...sweet!


  5. What a sweet picture! He's a cutie patutie!
    Have a nice day!
    Karla & Karrie

  6. Great shadow shot, one contented little fellow, my kids used to love those beady wire things, they still play with one at the dr's if we have to go. Glad to hear you are getting the sleep thing sorted, sometimes you think it will never end when they are little, there is light at the end of the tunnel eventually ;0)

  7. Wow, that is a beautiful shot..beautiful little guy too..

  8. This is such a beautiful pic! Love how the little guy is totally absorbed in his play! And the shadows lend a kind of lovely peace to the whole scene!

  9. This is the best shadow I ever seen this sunday.

    Luv it!!!

    Keep on going.

    greetings from chilly Stockholm!

  10. Little cutie! Looks like a lovely place to sit on his own little 'sun mat'. :) Amanda

  11. Tks for hopping over, and this is a beautiful shadow shot :D hope you have a great week ahead

  12. Beautiful shot - what a gorgeous little man!


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