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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Girls have arrived

Look what we picked up today :D
hoping they are all hens!! time will tell

they are the sweetest little things and the cheep they make is adorable. From left to right we have Ruby, Blondie, Eva & Annie :-)


Craft is the new cool!

Don't forget the Stitches and Craft show is hitting Brisbane is a BIG way this week, so if you have some spare time make sure you go and check it all out. To see which amazing BrisStylers will be taking part go here for some more info....

Also to find out some more info about saving some money go here...
Hopefully I will get a leave pass and be able to go and hang out with the girls for a few hours tomorrow
Happy days, Bel x

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #34

Today I decided to share a shadow of our new bank of grass seed!

My husband sprinkled 30kg of seed after we had earthworks done recently, and this is the result after the rain we have had.... Reminds me of those grass head people you used to make when you were younger.

There has been work on the new Chicken Run today too, I was at Brown Owls and when I came home this is what my husband and son had made :-) We are getting some chickens from kindy in the next couple of weeks, so needed to get their new home ready, I am actually really looking forward to them arriving! (I bet they like the grass head grass too!!)

Have a great week. To see more shadow shots visit the lovely Hey Harriets Blog.


Friday, April 24, 2009

The week that has been....

This week has been pretty busy (well no more than usual actually).

I have put my hand up to "teach" a granny square crocheting class at our Brown Owls meet this weekend, so I thought after writing the instructions I had better whip up a few grannies to ensure I still knew how to make them (heheee).

I have also been trying to make my "Saucy Apron Recipe" Apron from the famous Louise from Made by Miffy. But guess what - I short-ordered my contrast material (ugh) so off to spotty this morning to hopefully find something suitable.

Also Bel & I started the ABC of cake decorating class at TAFE this week, it was fun, but I am sure that I will probably be put in the naughty corner before the end of the 6wk course! I just couldnt help giggling whenever the room was dead silent. I know I am childish! It was all a bit serious really, talk of exams and certificates, passes & fails!! Bel & I just want to learn how to make some sweet little flowers to pop on top of our cuppy-cakes!

Well must get a wriggle on, planning to get the ingredients togther this morning so Master Lucas and I can make some Anzac biscuits.

Have a great friday everyone, and I will see u back here on Sunday for our weekly Shadow Shot!

Monday, April 20, 2009

What a nice Guy

I came across this story from Grand Rapids Press and had to share it with you all... wouldn't it be lovely if the world was full of more people like "Ernie" ??

Ernie (not really his real name) taught himself to crochet four months ago. Three times a week he crochets wool hats and hangs them up in the poorest neighborhoods of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is even said that his hats get disbursed to some of Grand Rapids’ “most unapproachable residents”.

Here is a hat hanging on a tree waiting for someone to take it!Each hat is hung with a friendly tag, which says something like:

“Take me, I’m free!”
“Free to a good head.”
“You deserve this.”

So far Ernie has hung 30 to 35 hats and counting. He doesn’t want credit or publicity from his actions. All he wants is to help people keep warm, no matter who they are.
Here is a picture of Ernie hanging a hat.I believe that Ernie’s actions is something that everyday people can do. In fact, Ernie is an everyday person that takes an extra step to help others. In Ernie’s words, “I just think everybody should be treated as a human being. And if everybody did just one little thing, it would improve the lives of so many people.”

Here Here!!
Spread the love everyone

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #33

Well, I have SO much to tell you all but not enough time :( We have had a very hectic last few weeks moving into our new house (it has all been very exciting) and I am dying to show you all some pics...

But I will keep this one short and just show you this weeks 'SSS'. Saxon has been an absolute angel throughout the whole move/packing/unpacking etc (sometimes I think he handled it better than us) and the other day he was sitting quietly play with some toys when I noticed the fantastic shadow this little transformer was making on the concrete
Enjoy.... and don't forget to check out the other fantastic shadows over at Hey Harriets

also don't forget there is still time to enter this months BrisStyle giveaway and win some fantastic goodies :)
Bel x

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Bag Wallets - Ready for Market

Hi everyone,
well the new janome has been running hot this morning, I cut out 7 tea bag wallets to sew up for tomorrow's market last night. I have been wanting to "whip" some of these up for a while.

I am really pleased with how they turned out, hoping they are a hit. $5 Each, what a great idea to go with your Mum's Mother's Day pressie!

More market goodies getting ready today, will hopefully add to the post later to show you what is instore.

If you are in the North-West suburbs of Brisbane tomorrow visit us at the St. William's Craft Market, we will be there from 8am -12 noon. Come and Say HI!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Camping

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a great Easter Break, we were lucky enough this year to be invited along to my sister's annual trip to Clarence River. What a stunning place, it is on a nature reserve, right on the clarence river with so much wildlife and beautiful scenery. It was serene most of the time, except when all the kids were hooning on their bikes, but wow did they have a great time! It rained on and off for us, but it just made the "playground" more fun for the kids.

The adults also had a badmington tournament which proved to be great fun, but was decided that more quality equipment should be purchased before next years trip ($3 set of rackets didnt hold up to the boys speedy hitting)

And my husband made a really cool Chimney Fire, it took over 2hrs for them to find the "right" hollow log for it only to find on their return when setting it all up it housed a very sleepy snake! after removing him safely the chimney was once again put in place and the fire was lit. It was so cool had a type of after burner jet effect, the flame was turning on and off and making a great noise, the kids (and adults) were suitably impressed. I was too - except when at 1am another one was constructed (while i was trying to sleep) with the help of a bit of petrol and a can of spray cook, the noise and the flashed of flame woke me from my slumber, those pesky boys! dont think the J bombs helped matters.

We will definately be back! Thanks to Sharon the host of the property for having us!
have a great week everyone

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday # 32

Hi :-)

Well it has been what feels like a week of ground soaking/flooding rains here, the tanks are definately at bursting to overflowing point and everything is green and of course the weeds are at waist height. So of course the washer-woman has had a hard time keeping on top of the mounting laundry (and to add to the excitement we had a bug that caused a spewy end to the week for lucas - all better now tho).

So with out further ado I present "the laundry basket"
I bought a little sign from a market not long ago that really sums up my washing habits:

Washing today
or Naked tomorrow

if the sign was true i think sometimes our house would be naked (blush)

Hoping you all have a great week, we are excitedly packing to go on a 5 day camping expedition which I can't wait for.

take care xEm

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Re-usable Lunch Wrap & Snack Bags

Hi Everyone,

Well I have had quite a large stash of PUL fabrics that I bought over 2 years ago (oops) sitting around calling for me to create. I have decided what they are going to become.....

Re-usable Lunch wraps and Snack Bags Yay

Let me know what you think and if you would like to see them stocked in our Etsy store!
thanks for the feedback.