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Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Bag Wallets - Ready for Market

Hi everyone,
well the new janome has been running hot this morning, I cut out 7 tea bag wallets to sew up for tomorrow's market last night. I have been wanting to "whip" some of these up for a while.

I am really pleased with how they turned out, hoping they are a hit. $5 Each, what a great idea to go with your Mum's Mother's Day pressie!

More market goodies getting ready today, will hopefully add to the post later to show you what is instore.

If you are in the North-West suburbs of Brisbane tomorrow visit us at the St. William's Craft Market, we will be there from 8am -12 noon. Come and Say HI!!



  1. how cute Em! what great idea. I am definately popping along tomorrow as it is meant to be sunny. :-) yeay

  2. These are SUCH a great idea. Love them!!! I used to always take my own teabags when I was working. Now I have no need. Dammit!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you're having fun at the market - what a crackerlicious day!!!

  3. Just missed it! Better not see my old Stilleto dress cut up and redesigned into a wallet...tee hee. Actually that could be a much better incarnation for it!



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