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Monday, April 20, 2009

What a nice Guy

I came across this story from Grand Rapids Press and had to share it with you all... wouldn't it be lovely if the world was full of more people like "Ernie" ??

Ernie (not really his real name) taught himself to crochet four months ago. Three times a week he crochets wool hats and hangs them up in the poorest neighborhoods of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is even said that his hats get disbursed to some of Grand Rapids’ “most unapproachable residents”.

Here is a hat hanging on a tree waiting for someone to take it!Each hat is hung with a friendly tag, which says something like:

“Take me, I’m free!”
“Free to a good head.”
“You deserve this.”

So far Ernie has hung 30 to 35 hats and counting. He doesn’t want credit or publicity from his actions. All he wants is to help people keep warm, no matter who they are.
Here is a picture of Ernie hanging a hat.I believe that Ernie’s actions is something that everyday people can do. In fact, Ernie is an everyday person that takes an extra step to help others. In Ernie’s words, “I just think everybody should be treated as a human being. And if everybody did just one little thing, it would improve the lives of so many people.”

Here Here!!
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  1. Hey Em, what a great story - need more Ernies in this world for sure!!

  2. That's so great. I love that there are people out there in the world who do this sort of stuff.


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