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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday # 32

Hi :-)

Well it has been what feels like a week of ground soaking/flooding rains here, the tanks are definately at bursting to overflowing point and everything is green and of course the weeds are at waist height. So of course the washer-woman has had a hard time keeping on top of the mounting laundry (and to add to the excitement we had a bug that caused a spewy end to the week for lucas - all better now tho).

So with out further ado I present "the laundry basket"
I bought a little sign from a market not long ago that really sums up my washing habits:

Washing today
or Naked tomorrow

if the sign was true i think sometimes our house would be naked (blush)

Hoping you all have a great week, we are excitedly packing to go on a 5 day camping expedition which I can't wait for.

take care xEm


  1. Terrific shadow! Oh, and I love the saying and is it ever true! Hope you have a great camping trip!

  2. Doh I just wrote a comment and it vanished on me. How weird! Now I forgot what I wrote...

    Cool shadow shot! The spewy end to the week is not so cool. Ick! Happy camping. Lucky thing!

  3. The laundry basket gave a nice shadow..happy it was empty..at least you won't have to be naked..
    Happy SSS..

  4. Ahhhh camping, to get away from the drudgery...we too are in a rainy, damp/cold season...boring...I actually played with your frog and fed him well...YAWN...hope to see a bit of the sun before I blow up...HA!

    Have a great time with the family!


  5. what a great shadow shot! Have a great getaway camping too.

  6. So that's what the bottom of a laundry basket looks like. Haven't seen mine in years. Great shadow shot.

  7. And what a perfect laundry basket it is too....!

  8. Taking a break from laundry myself at the moment - love your words on your sign!! very funny!
    Love the shadow {& the color of your basket!}

  9. I love this shot. So elegant, graceful and simple. Isn't this shadow meme the greatest?

  10. lol, if the sign were at our house this week it would read 'washing today, raining tomorrow so now we're naked'

    love the pic, and love seeing an empty basket.

    xo Teneale


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