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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Hill...

Well it had been quite a while since we had been back to Broken Hill, so it was nice to get back to catch up with some family and friends for a few days (although I have to say I still don't really like the 5 hour drive from Adelaide)
The boys had a great time getting spoilt by nanny and poppy and we even got the chance to do a little bit of sight seeing.

Brad's mum even had a big feed of Yabbies waiting for us on our arrival. I would like to think that she got them especially for my birthday, but I think it was more to spoil her favorite son ;)

I'm still not sure how he managed it but Sax even convinced his nan to go on a camel ride with him, and I have to say I think going for a ride on 'Chester the Camel' was one of the big highlights of his whole trip!
There was still so much more we could have done and people we could have seen but time got away from us so quickly that it was time to head back to Adelaide (and endure the delightful car trip all over again).

Bel x

Up, up and away

Well we have just come back from a lovely two weeks away on a family holiday (the first time away with both boys!) and it was great.
Both boys were SO good on the plane, I have to say I was a little worried how we would all go for the 3 hour flight but it was all good. Xavier slept most of it and Sax was more than happy watching his little telly (portable DVD player), looking out the window at the clouds and just checking out what was going on.

We got to spend some time with some good friends in Adelaide, as well as a little bit of sightseeing! Apart from the weather being freezing (to us Queenslanders anyway) we had a great day at the Adelaide Zoo.We also went to one of my closest friends Wedding which I made the wedding cake for, and drove to Broken Hill for a few days to catch up with family. I will share these in separate posts so not to bored you all ;)

Bel x

BrisStyle Indie Mother & Child Market update

What can I say it was everything I had imagined it would be and so nice to see all our behind the scenes planning come to life! The sun was shining, the families were smiling, the sausages were sizzling on the BBQ and the beautiful BrisStyle Faerie was wandering :) I am really liking my set up at the moment, it feels like it is all coming together and the cupcakes and chocolate crackles were popular as always...
I even had a special helper on the day, so I got to wander and have a look at all the amazing goodies on offer, something I never really get time to do (thank you Lucy, you were such a great help!)Sax and I had a great time getting our faces painted (although he was quite sad that night when he had to have a shower and it all washed away) thanks so much to the girls from Wowee Creations you really made the day come to life!
To check out a wrap up of the day, head on over to the BrisStyle blog!

and don't forget to come and say Hi on June 5th for the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market at St Augustine's on Racecourse Rd at Hamilton

Bel x

Thursday, May 6, 2010

1 sleep to go!

Or I should just say about 33 hours, cause its quite late here and the last batch of bikies has just come out of the oven for the night, but there are still a million other things to do so I really don't think there is going to be much sleep happening between now and the very first BRISSTYLE INDIE MOTHER & CHILD MARKET!!!

I am SO excited about this market, I have to say even maybe a little more than I was about last Fridays Twilight Market. Mums and kids that's my thing I guess ;)

I will have lots of yummy goodies including cupcakes, choc crackles, toffees, gingerbread and more plus lots of cute cupcake toppers so you can go home and whip up your own goodies. But this market really does have something for the whole family! There's the good old fashion sausage sizzle for Dad, face painting, badge making, a cool colouring in comp and more for the kids and even our very own BrisStyle Faerie.

So please if your a Brissy local, make sure you pop by on Saturday and don't forget to come and say Hi!

Bel x

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What a night!

Photos courtesy of Kish Photography

Well the very first BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market on Friday night certainly went off with a bang! I couldn't have hoped for things to go any better. I think I have been walking around with a permanent smile on my face the last few days every time I think of it. To think that Helen and I went and measured up a blank space and played with layouts and what not all those months ago and to see the King George Square transformed not only with a mass of marquees and twinkling lanterns but beautiful handmade goods and customers a plenty it just felt so rewarding.
It was so great to see some old and new customers and watch little kids faces light up looking at the cupcake display.My focus is now set on getting ready for this weekends BrisStyle Indie Mother and Child Market (more to come on that one)

If your a local I would love to know if you came and checked out Friday nights market and what you thought, Bel x