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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bigger than Ben Hur...

I am sure than is what Brad thinks everytime I have an idea and I do admit I tend to get a bit carried away some times (ok a lot of the time) Anyway we have been talking forever about building Saxon a cubby house in the backyard but I guess with all my talk of needed it to be two stories with a sandpit, a fort and matching flags with the boys names on them I totally freaked poor Brad out and the topic has been mentioned less and less. But on a recent trip to Bunnings we were lucky enough to find a cute little cottage cubby house selling for a bargain price so Brad had no choice, especially as Sax is turning 3 next week to give in to us :)

So it has got a little out of hand (the letter box and garden bed went in today) but Sax absolutely loves it and I am sure that he and Xavier are going to get hours of fun playing in the yard :) and it was so nice to just spend the whole weekend together outside doing stuff (even Xav had a ball)
I will share a completed picture (unfortunately I didn't check the camera today and took a whole heap of pics without the memory card in)

Have a great week, its all pirate party planning mode here

Bel x

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's well and truly started...

Well the new year in our house finally felt like it has kicked off this week. Hubby went back to work and the boys and I are slowly finding our routine again after 3 weeks of taking it day by day. The cartoons were back on at breakfast time and the fights over afternoon naps started up again :(

Not as much was achieved as I would have liked over the last few weeks but it did give me time to just hang out with my boys and re access things a little bit more. Life sure does change when its not just yourself to think about when making plans for the future that's for sure!

I did get the chance to do a bit more baking and these Crunchy Ginger Toffee Biscuits were a huge hit at our place :)To keep those missing daddy tears away yesterday we spent the morning out on the back deck. Sax doing some painting and stamping...and Xav doing his current favorite past time, eating. Frozen Blueberries were a big hit yesterday.
Planning has started for the next BrisStyle market on March 6th and I also have some exciting new's I hope to share with you in the next week or so about some new products I will have on offer and maybe a giveaway too ;)

Till then, relax and enjoy. I am off to bake a batch of freckle star bickies for playgroup tomorrow ;)

Bel x