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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bristyle Indie Designers market Wrap Up...

Ok, I know it was a few weeks ago now but I still want to do a little post on the BiDM from March 6th. Firstly I would like to thank everyone who popped by to say Hi on the day and wish me luck for my newest venture 'enticing icing' your well wishes were all truly appreciated as I take the step into this new venture.

I had a fantastic day, even though it was a bit lonely not having Em there to share the day, being surrounded by such an amazing group of women like the BrisStylettes always makes for a fun day out.I also want to share with you some goodies I picked up on the day...
1. Denim Days - Rose Ring, 2. Jetta's Nest - Wooden Brooches (The cupcake one Sam made as a custom order just for me!), 3. PByers - Fabric Covered Button Brooches, 4. Little Mary Moo - IPod Cozy, 5. Ruby2gogo - Religious Inspired Jewelery, 6. Sybella - Owl Brooch
and the lovely Kathy from Kreations Kathy dropped off these beautiful cards that I had ordered from her as well.

Have a lovely day, I am off to do some Easter baking so I might be back later with a cupcake or two to share with you ;)

Bel x

Sneak Peak...

Well THANK YOU all so much for your kind words from my last post. Things are still a bit hectic around our household (hence the brake between posts) but we are getting there and looking forward to all being home for Easter this weekend.1. Apples, 2. Teacups & Tea Pots, 3. Cherries, 4. Dinosaurs, 5. Trains, 6. Star Fish

Just thought I would share with a sneak peak about what I have been working on for enticing icing, they are not in the shop yet but hopefully I will get the chance to make a batch of cupcakes and take some pics on Friday and get them listed

Enjoy, Bel x

Friday, March 19, 2010

Am I a bad mum?

I feel like I never have enough time anymore, this is not something new I guess but I think it has definitely got worse. I have been trying not to spend as much time on the computer but I think the damage has already been done...

This is what I found after leaving sax alone for 10mins while I went and had a quick shower this morning.So now I feel guilty all over again :( Is this how he sees me? Life was so much easier before computers and mobile phones and the like.

Hope your having a happy Friday, we are off to do some drawing :)

Bel x

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Stock in the Shop!


I'm back! Sorry for the break, it took me a while to get over the Market last weekend (I will be back with an update later, promise) and I have also started back at some 'paid' work so its taking us all a while to adjust to our new routines.I finally found the time yesterday to make up some more new designs for the shop (hopefully I will be back later with some pics - weather permitting)

But in the meantime, I have just listed some of the designs I had been working on a few weeks ago and also included some cute little Easter treats as well :)

Happy Monday, Bel x

Thursday, March 4, 2010

And the winner is...

I finally got around to drawing my giveaway this morning (sorry for the delay) and the winner is the very lovely Rebecca from Edward and Lilly :)

Also if you would like to know a little bit about me and me and enticing icing you can visit Rebecca's blog at the moment as there is a little interview from me :)

Back to making for the market on Saturday, blue skies today YAY!

Bel x

Monday, March 1, 2010

♥ Feeling the love ♥

I am definitely feeling it this week, I have been featured on not one, not two but three blogs in the last few days

You can check them out here...

Little Chrissy shares some fab finds under $5 from the BrisStyle Markets

Handmade Heaven featured my DIY cookie Jars

and Tracey from Hey Harriet also included some of her fab finds available at the BrisStyle markets this coming weekend.

Thank you lovely ladies,

Bel x

DIY Cookies now stocked at Handmade Heaven :)

I am very excited to announce that my DIY Cookies are now being stocked at Handmade Heaven! You can imagine my excitement when I got an email from the lovely Leisa asking me if I would be interested in making up some stock for her fab store.

If you are out that way make sure you pop in and say Hi to Leisa and checkout this amazing shop filled with lovely handmade goodies.

Handmade Heaven

SHOP #11 The Old Flour Mill

231 Brisbane Street, Ipswich, QLD

Yes I will also have some for sale this weekend at the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market, you can go here for all the details

Bel x

* Pics with thanks to the Handmade Heaven Blog (the whole reason I haven't shared this with you all sooner as I havent had 5 mins to take some pics ;)

Don't forget

you have until midnight tonight to enter my giveaway...

All you need to do is visit my website www.enticingicing.com.au and subscribe to the e-newsletter to stay up to date with all the sweetness at enticing icing ♥

Good luck, Bel x

* Fantastic Hand drawn picture care of the amazingly talented Sam from Jetta's Nest, thanks so much Sam!!!