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Friday, March 19, 2010

Am I a bad mum?

I feel like I never have enough time anymore, this is not something new I guess but I think it has definitely got worse. I have been trying not to spend as much time on the computer but I think the damage has already been done...

This is what I found after leaving sax alone for 10mins while I went and had a quick shower this morning.So now I feel guilty all over again :( Is this how he sees me? Life was so much easier before computers and mobile phones and the like.

Hope your having a happy Friday, we are off to do some drawing :)

Bel x


  1. It's funny Bel, I was just asking myself the same question this morning....

  2. It's a tough one Bel. You're definately not a bad mum though...because you care enough to notice. Don't be so hard on yourself OK!!

  3. Oh Bel look at his cheeky little grin, he is just doing role play! And thats OK! Its good for little childrens souls! You are fabulous and dont forget that!!!

  4. They have a instinct to go for anything and everything that they know is naughty so don't worry too much! My 2 year old likes to sit there playing with my computer mouse if I leave my lappy on the table.

  5. Is he balancing the BrisStyle books?

    hehe, with that smile who cares what he gets up to!

  6. ha must be that time of year as I just did a post about this too! ha Be kind to yourself Bel as none of us are perfect and you have alot of your plate at the moment and do not worry as sometimes moments like these make us enjoy the colouring in time even more than we would otherwise :-)

  7. Don't even go there. Stop beating yourself up. His smile is as bright as yours. how bad can that be?

  8. Well I have no doubt that you're a fabulous mother! I didn't have a computer when my children were young...and can't imagine how I could have fitted it in. Your boy is beautiful...so happy...healthy. But if you are concerned why not try a 'turn off' time from 3pm onwards...

  9. How can you feel the least bit guilty when you have a beautiful boy like Sax? Just look at that adorable face. Lucky you!

  10. I know exactly what you mean. I only work 4 days a week but we leave the house at 7.30am and don't get home most evenings until around 6.30pm. Mondays are spent with my 4yo man and I have to admit I do spend a bit of time on the computer as my "time out". I feel bad because when he asks me to play with him he always says "mummy when you are finished your work" - it's never work - it's updating my blog and chatting to friends.

    I have taken a new policy in the last week to try and stay calm and appreciate the small things in my days. I have even put this on my blog as a reminder to myself to keep thinking this way...let's see if I succeed!



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