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Monday, September 28, 2009

Guess who likes our spinach?

Well I found this little guy nibbling away on our spinach today when I went out to pick some for the yummy pumpkin and spinach lasagna I made for dinner
I just had to keep him to show Sax when he got home from Kindy. It was so cute to see him investigating the little fella
I would love to try and keep our veggie patches as chemical free as possible so if anyone has any tips for keeping these little buggers plus other pests at bay I would love to hear from you. In one patch we are growing Celery, Basil, Tomatoes, Lettuce & Broccoli and in the second patch we are growing Tomatoes, Parsley, Spinach, Thyme, Capsicums & Cucumbers
Bel x

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy birthday to you...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to dear Em
Happy Birthday to you!
Hip Hip Hooray (or Hooroo as Sax would say)
Em is celebrating her birthday this week and I have just finished wrapping her present and topped it off with this cute little pottery gift tag from Paper Boat Press (if you are local you can also find these at Nook)
Also just had to share the view from our back door today, what is going on with this weather?
Hope you don't get blown away ;)
Bel x

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Look what the girls did while we were away!!

Hi everyone,

well Bel is right ... the simple things in life are just so fulfilling.
As you would know if you are a blog regular, we got 4 chickens from kindy in April..

Guess what the girls did while we were away !!!!

2 of the chickens ended up being roosters, so I have swapped them for 2 new point of lay Hens.. Welcome to the Coop "Bindi" and "Chooka"

So we now have Ruby, Annie, Bindi and Chooka
back later with some photos of our gorgeous trip to Fraser

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's the little things...

I know it's only a few salad leaves but after such a mad week that has just gone by and a very busy, hot market yesterday (more to come on that one) I am taking the time this week to enjoy the little things and get some balance back in my life. So one of the things that made me happiest today was being able to go out into my very own veggie patch and pick some lettuce for dinner :) Sometimes it really is the simplest things that are the best!

Hope you are having a happy week :)

Bel x

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Shadow Shot #49

Well I will make this a really quick one (really have to get a few hours sleep before tomorrows market)

Here is another great display prop that Brad made up for me to use at the markets I will be attending tomorrow
Make sure if you are in the Hamilton area you pop in to say hello and as always don't forget to check out the other fantastic shadows over at Hey Harriets

take care, Bel x

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Market preps underway...

Well my market preparations for this weekends Racecourse Rd Festival are well and truly underway. Still a bit of stock to finish off but so far I am really happy with how everything is looking
It definitely helps to have an amazing husband who when I ramble ideas off on how I want to display things he actually makes those ideas come to life (just like this stand he whipped up to display our new range of magnets on)

I will post pics later in the week when everything is finished and don't forget if you are in the area make sure you come down and say Hi its set to be a huge day and I will be sharing a stall with the lovely Ali from Jellygnite

Bel x

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday Shadow Shot #48

Well I am a day late so I will make this really quick ;)

We recently caught up with some friends at an amazing park down by the water and then went for a drive around to Cleveland point where they are currently doing some filming for the new Narnia movie "Prince Caspian and Voyage of the Dawn Treader". As you can see this enormous boat used in the filming was just crying out to be a shadow shot ;)

Sax also had a ball playing in the big old Fig trees with their massive root systems all exposed.
Don't forget to go and check out all the other amazing shadow shots over at Hey Harriets

Take care, Bel x

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Little Elijah is starting to Chat

I also wanted to share this clip I took of Elijah the other day... oh so precious, you forget how heart melting it is when they make all those little faces while they are trying to sound out goos and gaas

xx Em

A hobby in Plastic & a fast approaching Holiday

Hi everyone,
sorry for not posting for a while, thank goodness Bel has been chatty ;-)

You might have heard that I have joined the brilliant Tupperware company as a demonstrator, I am not sure how I didnt get on the bandwagon earlier, the money is great, the work is fun and it is nice to have some "me" time in my own little business. So I have had absolutely no time lately after training and partying and ordering and sleeping (about 3hrs a night now) !!

We are off to Fraser island on Saturday for a week of bliss I hope, it is our annual pilgrimage to the island, i think this is our 7th year in a row! wow that is pretty amazing, and so is Fraser. This will be my maternity leave, my husband has been too busy with work and hasnt had any time off since Elijah was born, so this will be a lovely time for us to bond as a "bigger" family.

Anyway... I better go, so much washing, packing, cleaning, organising, shopping to do before crack of dawn on saturday morning.
Take care and I will share some of my photos on our return.

P.s. if you are in Australia and need any tupperware, don't hesitate to comment and I will help you out, there are some great host rewards for holding your own demo too... interstate orders welcome too :-D


BrisStyle Update ;)

Last week I caught up with some of the lovely gals that make part of the BrisStyle team and it was the first catch up I have been too in a while so it was so nice to say Hi to all the new members, eat some yummy food and see what everyone has been making as well as show some of the things I have been making lately ...

Also talking all things BrisStyle don't forget to pop on over to the Blog to enter this months giveaways featuring the very talented Tenale (Wicked Child Designs) and Therese (Little Mary moo). I have to say I am the proud owner of goodies from both Tenale and Therese and highly recommend you entering this month ;)

Little Mary Moo Purses Dame Edna by Wicked Child Designs
The rules:Simply leave a comment on BrisStyle Giveaway post to be in the running to win one of these two fabulous giveaways. Be sure to leave a way for us to contact you. If you don't have a blog, please include your email address. Only one entry per person. You may enter twice if you mention this giveaway on your blog. If you choose to do this, please pop back after posting to your blog and include the url address to the post it was mentioned on here in the comments. This will count as your second entry. International folk are welcome to enter. BrisStyle members and their immediate families (ie: husbands/partners, dependent children, and their computer savvy pets) are excluded from entering all BrisStyle giveaways. A name will be randomly drawn on the 25th of this month and the winner will be announced on the BrisStyle blog on that same day.
Good Luck, Bel x
p.s I am also very happy to say that Lee (Just Like Martha) the winner of our EmBelISH giveaway loved her goodies YAY!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy, Busy...

Well its busy busy times here at the moment, lots of crafting in preparation for the Racecourse Rd Festival next weekend as you can tell by the way my dining room table is looking...But it is such a nice day today the boy's and I are heading off to the park for a picnic :)

Hope you are having a nice day too
Bel x

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Shadow Shot #47

HAPPY FATHERS DAY! for all the dad's out there

This isn't the actual pic I was going to use for this weeks shadow shot but I took it this morning while my hubby was opening his father's day pressie and thought it suited the day perfectly...

Hope you are all having lovely days with your families and don't forget to go and checkout all the other amazing shadows over at Hey Harriets

Cheers, Bel x

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nice Surprises...

I have been meaning to share these pics for ages. A good friend of ours Kate did some knitting for me before Xav was born and made us this beautiful little cardy. Unfortunately our little budda grew quite quickly plus it has gotten pretty warm here to, but he did look extremely cute in it when he wore it.Kate also surprised us with a lovely gift when Xavier was born she had made him this beautiful outfit, complete with little socks and all (the little Red bits are little cars). I just love it to bits and it will definitely be something that is put in Xav’s keep sake box to show him when he is bigger.

Recently Em and I got a rare couple of hours off without our bigger boys and were lucky enough to be invited to the launch party of NOOK, Brisbane’s latest handmade shop. I brought a cute little Black Bird Brooch from pirdy and I just love it ♥

Picture couresty of NOOK Blog

For a bit more of a wrap up of the launch party and to see some more pics, visit Helen of Ruby Red’s blog. I can’t wait to visit Michelle again soon and see what goodies she has in store.

Being a stay at home mum I have to say I do quite a bit of on-line shopping and it is always exciting when those little packages arrive in the mail (I love mail!, except for the bills of course) so I was super excited when I recently received my order from Paper Boat Press.

I have been meaning to place an order for ages, but an on-line sale gave me that excuse I have been looking for. I am still waiting for the little Christmas Stars I ordered to arrive for both mine and Em’s boys but I was so happy with the stuff I did receive and I am sure the special recipient who I order a few little things for will love them just as much as me ☺

Have a great day, Bel x

Family Time...

Well I know I am always saying it, but it really has been a busy few weeks in our house with no sign if things slowing down either at least not until Christmas I reckon :(

Firstly I am very proud to say Brad & I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary recently. I have to say it’s something I guess I never really thought of all those years ago and it feels like a lifetime since that magical day, but it has been an amazing journey. I am so excited to see what the next 10 years brings us, especially seeing as our family has grown from 2 to 4 members so excitement is guaranteed ;) Like any marriage we have had our ups and downs but I think it such an achievement and I can honestly say I love Brad more today than I ever thought possible ♥
(no laughing at the pic, we were really young ok and IT was a whole 10 years ago and before lack of sleep ;)
Brad finally had some time off from work last week and it was so nice for him to be able to spend some time at home with his boys and for us to go and have some ‘family outings’ and also catch up on some sleep. We took the boys to visit the Museum at Southbank. Something we have wanted to do for ages but just never seem to find the time to do it and Sax had a ball! He got to experience he’s very first train trip...
and even got to have a play in the parklands afterwards which helped burn off some energy and practice some tree climbing before we boarded the train for the trip home.

Brad also found some time to do some work on our veggie gardens. The weather has been warming up here quite quickly so we thought we better get planting before that real summer heat hits us. It’s all a bit of trial and error but I am happy to say our little seedlings seem to be fairing quite well and we even had a little bit of rain early one morning this week which they loved. We have planted a wide of variety of things including Celery, Tomatoes, Capsicums, Broccoli, Spinach, Cucumbers and some herbsI will definitely post some more pics once there is something exciting to see ;)

I even got a little bit of me time, and I was such a much happier mummy to be able to do some crafting again. It feels like ages since I have had the time to do anything that I enjoy and doesn’t involve cleaning or organising someone else. Like any crafter there seems to be a million ideas floating around in my head, so it was great to start making some of them a reality. Plus as an added bonus I even got to do some baking and whipped up a batch of my Nan’s famous Cream Puffs (I seriously forgot how good these tasted and surprisingly how easy they were to make)

It’s hard to believe but Xavier is 3 months old today, I knew the time was flying by but I seriously must have been half asleep lately because it feels like only yesterday we were driving to the hospital anxiously awaiting the arrival our baby boy.

Anyway, I best be going I have a two year climbing all over me that I promised we would make some cupcakes and a bub with the hiccups. Lots more to share so I will try and post again real soon ☺

Take care, Bel x