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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy, Busy...

Well its busy busy times here at the moment, lots of crafting in preparation for the Racecourse Rd Festival next weekend as you can tell by the way my dining room table is looking...But it is such a nice day today the boy's and I are heading off to the park for a picnic :)

Hope you are having a nice day too
Bel x


  1. Bel, your table looks like mine heheh but I have a sewing machine, computer, a camera and much more...hehehe...looking forward to finally meeting you next weekend....

  2. Hi Bel, thanks so much for the fab oush-pins they arrived in the mail yesterday - look great, nice presentation too! I have juts posted over at www.leemills.typepad.com you might want to have a peek - hope you enjoyed your picnic and you are not working too hard for the stall preparations - hope it goes well!


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