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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Market preps underway...

Well my market preparations for this weekends Racecourse Rd Festival are well and truly underway. Still a bit of stock to finish off but so far I am really happy with how everything is looking
It definitely helps to have an amazing husband who when I ramble ideas off on how I want to display things he actually makes those ideas come to life (just like this stand he whipped up to display our new range of magnets on)

I will post pics later in the week when everything is finished and don't forget if you are in the area make sure you come down and say Hi its set to be a huge day and I will be sharing a stall with the lovely Ali from Jellygnite

Bel x


  1. Lovely hubby indeed - your displays look great! I love your computer pins on the cake stand - they look like chocolate ;)
    Looking forward to Sun! x

  2. Hi Bel, this is all looking sooo good - best of luck on the weekend - hope its a HUGE success!
    Luv Leex
    P.S my pushpins are looking pretty fab!


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