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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A hobby in Plastic & a fast approaching Holiday

Hi everyone,
sorry for not posting for a while, thank goodness Bel has been chatty ;-)

You might have heard that I have joined the brilliant Tupperware company as a demonstrator, I am not sure how I didnt get on the bandwagon earlier, the money is great, the work is fun and it is nice to have some "me" time in my own little business. So I have had absolutely no time lately after training and partying and ordering and sleeping (about 3hrs a night now) !!

We are off to Fraser island on Saturday for a week of bliss I hope, it is our annual pilgrimage to the island, i think this is our 7th year in a row! wow that is pretty amazing, and so is Fraser. This will be my maternity leave, my husband has been too busy with work and hasnt had any time off since Elijah was born, so this will be a lovely time for us to bond as a "bigger" family.

Anyway... I better go, so much washing, packing, cleaning, organising, shopping to do before crack of dawn on saturday morning.
Take care and I will share some of my photos on our return.

P.s. if you are in Australia and need any tupperware, don't hesitate to comment and I will help you out, there are some great host rewards for holding your own demo too... interstate orders welcome too :-D


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  1. Hi Em,
    Hey isn't that funny I dabbled in Tupperware a few years back, its a great industry to be involved in I have the most fabulous pantry too - it scare most of my friends LOL sooo organised luv it! Good luck, its a great gig! Enjoy Fraser sounds like its just what the dr ordered!


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