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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nice Surprises...

I have been meaning to share these pics for ages. A good friend of ours Kate did some knitting for me before Xav was born and made us this beautiful little cardy. Unfortunately our little budda grew quite quickly plus it has gotten pretty warm here to, but he did look extremely cute in it when he wore it.Kate also surprised us with a lovely gift when Xavier was born she had made him this beautiful outfit, complete with little socks and all (the little Red bits are little cars). I just love it to bits and it will definitely be something that is put in Xav’s keep sake box to show him when he is bigger.

Recently Em and I got a rare couple of hours off without our bigger boys and were lucky enough to be invited to the launch party of NOOK, Brisbane’s latest handmade shop. I brought a cute little Black Bird Brooch from pirdy and I just love it ♥

Picture couresty of NOOK Blog

For a bit more of a wrap up of the launch party and to see some more pics, visit Helen of Ruby Red’s blog. I can’t wait to visit Michelle again soon and see what goodies she has in store.

Being a stay at home mum I have to say I do quite a bit of on-line shopping and it is always exciting when those little packages arrive in the mail (I love mail!, except for the bills of course) so I was super excited when I recently received my order from Paper Boat Press.

I have been meaning to place an order for ages, but an on-line sale gave me that excuse I have been looking for. I am still waiting for the little Christmas Stars I ordered to arrive for both mine and Em’s boys but I was so happy with the stuff I did receive and I am sure the special recipient who I order a few little things for will love them just as much as me ☺

Have a great day, Bel x

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  1. Ha! I love that I have my own label :) He looks great in his outfits!


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