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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Hill...

Well it had been quite a while since we had been back to Broken Hill, so it was nice to get back to catch up with some family and friends for a few days (although I have to say I still don't really like the 5 hour drive from Adelaide)
The boys had a great time getting spoilt by nanny and poppy and we even got the chance to do a little bit of sight seeing.

Brad's mum even had a big feed of Yabbies waiting for us on our arrival. I would like to think that she got them especially for my birthday, but I think it was more to spoil her favorite son ;)

I'm still not sure how he managed it but Sax even convinced his nan to go on a camel ride with him, and I have to say I think going for a ride on 'Chester the Camel' was one of the big highlights of his whole trip!
There was still so much more we could have done and people we could have seen but time got away from us so quickly that it was time to head back to Adelaide (and endure the delightful car trip all over again).

Bel x

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