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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Camping

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a great Easter Break, we were lucky enough this year to be invited along to my sister's annual trip to Clarence River. What a stunning place, it is on a nature reserve, right on the clarence river with so much wildlife and beautiful scenery. It was serene most of the time, except when all the kids were hooning on their bikes, but wow did they have a great time! It rained on and off for us, but it just made the "playground" more fun for the kids.

The adults also had a badmington tournament which proved to be great fun, but was decided that more quality equipment should be purchased before next years trip ($3 set of rackets didnt hold up to the boys speedy hitting)

And my husband made a really cool Chimney Fire, it took over 2hrs for them to find the "right" hollow log for it only to find on their return when setting it all up it housed a very sleepy snake! after removing him safely the chimney was once again put in place and the fire was lit. It was so cool had a type of after burner jet effect, the flame was turning on and off and making a great noise, the kids (and adults) were suitably impressed. I was too - except when at 1am another one was constructed (while i was trying to sleep) with the help of a bit of petrol and a can of spray cook, the noise and the flashed of flame woke me from my slumber, those pesky boys! dont think the J bombs helped matters.

We will definately be back! Thanks to Sharon the host of the property for having us!
have a great week everyone

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  1. What a marvellous time you all had - it looks like a stunning location. Don't think I'd be impressed at 1.00am either!


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