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Friday, April 24, 2009

The week that has been....

This week has been pretty busy (well no more than usual actually).

I have put my hand up to "teach" a granny square crocheting class at our Brown Owls meet this weekend, so I thought after writing the instructions I had better whip up a few grannies to ensure I still knew how to make them (heheee).

I have also been trying to make my "Saucy Apron Recipe" Apron from the famous Louise from Made by Miffy. But guess what - I short-ordered my contrast material (ugh) so off to spotty this morning to hopefully find something suitable.

Also Bel & I started the ABC of cake decorating class at TAFE this week, it was fun, but I am sure that I will probably be put in the naughty corner before the end of the 6wk course! I just couldnt help giggling whenever the room was dead silent. I know I am childish! It was all a bit serious really, talk of exams and certificates, passes & fails!! Bel & I just want to learn how to make some sweet little flowers to pop on top of our cuppy-cakes!

Well must get a wriggle on, planning to get the ingredients togther this morning so Master Lucas and I can make some Anzac biscuits.

Have a great friday everyone, and I will see u back here on Sunday for our weekly Shadow Shot!

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  1. Nope, sorry Em, I can't *at all* imagine you in the naughty corner! ha ha - you giggling??! Funny, I think I'd like to be in that class too - if only to be led astray by your giggles! ;)
    How'd your grannys go? lovely.


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