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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Girls have arrived

Look what we picked up today :D
hoping they are all hens!! time will tell

they are the sweetest little things and the cheep they make is adorable. From left to right we have Ruby, Blondie, Eva & Annie :-)



  1. Oooo ... aren't they sooooo cute! I have a friend who has two very refined hens called Cabernet and Merlot. They reside in the Chook Hilton and rule over the back garden.

  2. I love Eva (is that the black one) :)

    Fingers crossed there's no roosters amongst them, you wouldn't want to end up with Ruben, Blondo, Evan and Andy ;)

  3. Awwww, cuuuute!! Can you bring one to Brown Owls? (hehe, joke!)

  4. oooh, they are so little! I hope they are all girls Em! (when I was little, we brought home cute little chickies from my school fete ... all of them grew up to be nasty roosters!)

  5. They are all so very cute. I'm sure they are much loved already. Hope they all turn into nice, well behaved hens. The last chook I had was free range and very nasty. I had to take the broom with me to hang out the washing or it would attack me. It needless to say found a new home.

  6. Awesome babe! I cannot wait to settle down somewhere and have my own chooks!

  7. With names like that they sound like they could be in a rock band - rock Chicks - tee hee!

    Hope that you are relaxing with feet up this week - well attempting to at least.



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