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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #34

Today I decided to share a shadow of our new bank of grass seed!

My husband sprinkled 30kg of seed after we had earthworks done recently, and this is the result after the rain we have had.... Reminds me of those grass head people you used to make when you were younger.

There has been work on the new Chicken Run today too, I was at Brown Owls and when I came home this is what my husband and son had made :-) We are getting some chickens from kindy in the next couple of weeks, so needed to get their new home ready, I am actually really looking forward to them arriving! (I bet they like the grass head grass too!!)

Have a great week. To see more shadow shots visit the lovely Hey Harriets Blog.



  1. Beautiful picture..like the coop..
    Think of the great eggs you will have..lucky you. Happy SSS.

  2. I want chickens too this year...they can have all my grasshoppers...for FREE!!!

  3. That grass looks so lovely! What fun....Karrie's in-laws have chickens {but she swears off ever having them - perhaps she'll change her mind some day!} Have a great week!

  4. Lovely, lovely bright green grass...ours is STILL brown so I really appreciate your neat shadow shot!

  5. Ah... look at the grass! If you only knew we're working or at least, my hubby *wink on our lawn. Still struggling with the moss.

    So, nice to see the outcome of your hard effort and which gave you a perfect shot! Isn't bad, girl! Well done...

    Have a happy week ahead!

  6. That grass looks good enough to eat, which is probably what those new chooks will do when they arrive. How wonderful it will be to have fresh eggs, or do they have to go back to kindy?

  7. oh gosh i wish i had chickens, mostly for their eggs !!

    i wish i had that lush green grass too !! ours is mostly weeds after so much rain, which is just awful prickles.



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