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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Four Favorite ETSY Faves :)

Jeez! Trying saying that in a rush

Here are my picks for the week, I have to say it was very hard tonarrow it down to just four...

1. Matryoshka Softie...U pick colors...Custom from SewSewSuckurToe’s Shop (I was lucky enough to get a set of of these for Mother's Day this year to add to my Matryoshka collection)

2. Juniper from ProjectGrabBag’s Shop (I would LOVE one of these dolls for myself and that scooter fabric is fantastic!)

3. Red Daisy Sling Bag from Little Mary Moo's Shop (I am very tempted to buy this bag, although if you read my previous post you would know how bad I have already been lately, and with no Birthday, anniversary or anything in sight I may just have to hint at an early Christmas present ;)

4. Little Lion Costume Chunky Earflap Beanie from Babaialainn's Shop (I just had to add this one as it made me smile, I can just imagine a group of little boys all going ROAR!, plus they have a great range of super cute beanies for winter)

Enjoy, Bel x


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