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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Well things have been non stop around our house the last week or so. All good though, although an extra couple of hours a day wouldn't go astray. But I have to say we had a very productive weekend, even though it was Father's Day on Sunday my DH gladly gave up his day to help bring the ideas floating around in my head come to life.
Now that Saxon is getting bigger (and LOVES being outside) we have been thinking of making him a space outside (away from the dogs or namely the poo :( ) that can be his own. I wanted to make something that would not only keep him interested but also make him want to go outside and play. We are getting him a swing set for Christmas but I also wanted something that he could interact with on his own (being an only child) so we have fenced off one side of the house and this is going to be 'his area'. To brighten the space up I wanted to make some interactive boards to go on the fence. So on the weekend we started on board number 1 which has a car theme. It still has a far bit of work to be down on it, but I thought I would share a picture of what we have done so far.... I love this one of Sax discovering 'himself' looking back from the car headlights :)
Crafty wise I have been making some fabric covered button bookmarks this week using some extra large paperclips that I got from my brothers stash. No pictures yet but hopefully they will make it into our ETSY shop here soon

Bel x

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