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Saturday, September 27, 2008

My little wizard...

Well I have to say finally I feel like I have had a very productive day! I finally got around to making Sax a little superhero cape from a free download that my friend Kate emailed me ages ago, you can download it for FREE here
I have to say as well as feeling very accomplished, (I ended up finishing 3 little capes and also took in some pants for my mum) for the first time ever I actually felt like a pretty crafty mum. Seeing my boy run around with his imagination in over drive made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :) (those red sunglasses just topped off the outfit)
Anyway I am off to add a few little details to each cape to make each one that little bit extra special for the lucky ones who I hope will get hours of fun play wearing them (stay tuned for more pics)

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely warm weather, Bel x


  1. Loved your shadow shot of the very prego tummy. I actually miss that....can you believe it? Anyway tell your friend she is very brave and very beautiful!

  2. Very cute! I think it's great when we can sew stuff for the kids! He looks like he loves his cape!

  3. Thanks Bel for Nouka's cape! it's fantastic, you've done such a great job with these! She' running around in it now and it looks great - she's going to have a lot of fun with this... next time lets meet somewhere where there is a pool, yeah?

  4. Bel, that's the most precious pic! You should be proud; that's one gorgeous little boy!! (and the cape's pretty good too!0

  5. Great photo! You've done a terrific job on the cape. It's great when you can whip up fun things for the kids isn't it! So far Lee has been made a cape, a superhero belt, and now he is hounding me for a Bob the Builder tool belt. I think I do actually have a piece of vinyl somewhere so might have to get the old industrial machine onto it. Could be fun :P


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