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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shadow Shot #6

In keeping with my previous shadows I thought I should include another member of our family, our very old (14 years) and grey staffy named Jessie :) She was quite confused at what I was trying to do and was not complying with the original shot I had in mind of a full body shadow against the fence (plus Sax was trying to ride her like a horse) but I think you will agree she is a beautiful girl!To see more of the SSS shots make sure you visit here

Hope all the Dad's out there had a great Day!
Cheers Bel x


  1. Big pats to Jessie! My dog Sophie is a Staffy also. They are the BEST dogs! Great shadow shot! It's so difficult to capture a still Staffy :)

    I so hope this photo works in the collages. Again, sorry I've not included your shots the last couple of weeks. Wish I could figure out a way around the size issue... Have a great week ahead :)

  2. How funny - we have dogs, and we are imagining how they also would be confused with a photo shoot like that "what...."pant, pant, pant"....you want to play? take a picture....what?? - Yep it was very comical we're sure!!
    Happy SSS!
    Karla & Karrie

  3. Love your shadow shot with Jessie. Wonderful shot.


  4. lol, Princess Bubbles would only stay still if my daughter offered her a treat out of camera range, it's not easy to get a pet shadow shot! Love yours, she's beautiful!

  5. What a great shot..I think it came out wonderful just the way you took it..

  6. What a sweet ol' gal you have. My Scratchy HATES to have her picture taken and she always knows when to turn her head...cute shot.


  7. Jessie looks like a very friendly puppy dog. I'm sure she's happy to put up with her playmate Sax :)

  8. You had better success than I did. All my shots of my cat's shadow were too blurry to post.

    Your dog looks like a sweetie.

  9. What a lovely old girl, not an easy task trying to get a photo while Sax is intent on riding!! Love your car fence board for your boy, what a great idea. Bet they would sell at the markets!!


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