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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Christmas Ornament Swap Anyone??

I have been looking around for a swap to join with no luck, so here goes... If I get enough people I would like to organise a "down the line" Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap 2008. The value would be $15 plus postage to join in you need to comment on this post and email me your details by October 10th 2008.
the swap list will be posted on 14th of October 2008, All gifts are to be sent so they reach the recipient for an opening day of 1st December 2008.
If you want further information you can email me here
I have "borrowed" these rules from another swap site as I thought they were fair and ensured everyone gets something safely by the opening day....
Ohhhh I am sooo excited!!!!!!!!!
ETA - a few of you have asked if it is ok if you are not in Australia, that is fine, we can post wherever.. I will make sure when the draw is done everyone is happy with where they are posting to.. (international swappers accepted)
ALSO - clarification on what you can make that falls into the category - anything "handmade" that is a christmas ornament or decoration; so it can be for the tree, the wall, the door, the window, the table etc. hope this makes sense.
The countdown is on!!


1.All swapees must give me their snail mail address, Phone number and private email address before the swap list is drawn otherwise they will not be included. This is so you can be contacted quickly if needed.

2. Once the swap list is published you must contact your swap partner within 7 days or you will be left out of the swap and your partner will be allocated another partner.

3. There are two types of swaps a. Down the line swap – this is where you send to the person after you on the list ie you receive from one person but send to a different person

4. MOST IMPORTANT - Through out the swap to keep in contact with your swap partner(s) via private messages or email. If you want to, you can give the person who is sending to you an idea of your likes and dislikes - or you can go for a complete surprise, it's up to you.

5. If for some reason you have to drop out of the swap – please contact your swap partners and me as quickly as possible, as we might be able to arrange a new swap partner for that person. In a down the line swap, if you find late in the swap that you need to drop out and you have already received your gift please send this gift on to the person you are sending to so they don’t miss out.

6. Before sending your parcel, take a photo and remember to include a note with your gift, telling how you decided to make what you did. If possible a personalized label on your gift is a great way for your swap partners to remember you for years to come. Post your pics on your blog after the parcel is received and link back to us!!

7. Please send your parcel allowing enough postage time to ensure your swap partner receives it by the swap opening date. Especially for posting overseas, check with the post office early so you know how long to allow for postage.

8. Once you have opened your gift, ensure you thank you swap partner and post a message on your blog to share a description of your gift for everyone to read.

9. If you find you are having problems with a swap partner: Before posting a message about this publicly please contact me and I will try to resolve it for you.

Please join in the fun



  1. Okay Em, Count me in. I never been in one of these swaps before.It will be nice for a change.

  2. Hello,
    Yes please, count me in for the swap too. I have never done one either, so I'm looking forward to it. I have lots of ideas.

  3. Hi Em! Count me in too!! Shall email you my information and I'll do a blog about it shortly. I'm going to "steal" your image from above too... hope you don't mind!!!

  4. Sounds good to me! Count me in as well! Jo xo

  5. Yes please, I'll be in this one.
    Have sent you my details :)


  6. I would love to join too, Maree has just encouraged me!!! Nice to meet you Em! Kind regards Rachel

  7. Sounds good to me! Count me in....

  8. Yes please Em, count me in too! yay! I love Christmas!! (Thanks for setting up the swap too!)

  9. ok you all twisted my arm! I will just HAVE to squeeze in some extra sewing time ;) How could I not be a part of this with all the excitment everyone else is generating. Thanks heaps for making the time to organise this Em even though I've been no help :) Luv ya!
    Bel xx

  10. Hi Em! Looking forward to it! JoJo added the swap details on her blog as well... so hopefully some more people might see it there too! :) I've already got some ideas!!! Thanks for doing the swaP!

  11. Great girls, well there are currently 10 of us in the swap, so even if there arent any more participants it will still be a great mix of styles and talent ;-)
    xx Em

  12. If you're open to folks from overseas I'm in! (in the UK)

  13. I've never done any swapping, but this looks like lots of fun. I'm in the US, is that ok?

  14. I'd love to be in this swap too (I found your blog via Rachel at http://fourwisemonkeys.blogspot.com/ where I lurk)
    Does it need to be an ornament to hang on the tree or can it be something else?

  15. I think being overseas is fine, when i do the draw I will check with all the participants to see if they mind posting international and make sure I take everyones requests into consideration....
    A few of you wanted clarificatin - I think it would be ok for the gift to be any sort of handmade christmas ornament or decoration, so it could be for the tree, the wall, the window, the door, the table etc. Hope everyone agrees with this.
    I will send out an email to let you all know too.

  16. Hi! I'd love to join this swap - I LOVE all things Christmas - and spend the last three months of every year stitching new decs for my home. Sounds like great fun!!!
    Kind regards - Dawn

  17. Em, hi!
    it's the first time i visit your blog, and for sure won't be the last
    I'm vivi from argentina, i would love lots to join the swap, this would be my second one then, but consider i'm far away; i don't mind sending my present to australia, but am not sure if it's the same for any of the ladies in the swap, i would understand..
    thanks a lot for organizing, it sounds funny, and please, be patient with my english

  18. No worries Vivi,
    welcome to the swap :-)
    please email me your details as soon as possible to secure your position.
    Cheers Em

  19. sounds liek a great idea i would love to take part of it and so suits the type of christmas i want to have this year

  20. Hi Em,
    I found this swap via Melissa's blog and thought I would like to join in!

  21. Hi Em,
    This is my first Christmas as a 'blogger' so definitely count me in, thanks for organising,Lee

  22. I love Christmas and would like to participate in your ornament swap. I'll send you my info.......now!

  23. I love the idea of a Christmas decoration swap, if you are including people in England I'd love to join in.

  24. If I'm not too late can I join in?

  25. Could I join in? I would be more than happy to send overseas.

    What fun!

    Dot (from Australia).

  26. Hi Em,
    I know today is the cut off but please tell me I am not to late to enter. I am willling to send overseas andndi whatever is necessary.
    Deb (NZ)

  27. I would love to join in if you are still allowing additoinal people. I am willing to ship internationally, I am in US. I can't find your email address to send you my contact information.


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