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Friday, September 5, 2008

Time to get organised....

OK Well I have enjoyed the first day of my mum arriving, but now its time to get serious :) this is how my work desk is currently looking and I sat down last night and wrote a list longer than my arm of all the jobs I have half started and stuff I would like/need to get done while my #1 babysitter is visiting (Think I am kidding myself, but you have got to have goals) My aim is to make at least one thing a day and anything more would be fantastic ;)
Today's project is to tidy up my desk and make Sax a little hanger/organiser for our new car. Yep in all the madness this week we have sold our car and downsized to something a bit smaller and much to mine and Sax's horror there are no back pockets in the seats for his car toy stash, my DH thinks I am mad, but as I tried to explain to him last night it was great to be able to stuff the collection of 'car' toys including Teddy who has come on every car trip since Sax came home into that little pocket and everything was tidy. SO I am aiming to make a bigger slightly different version of the hairclip holders© with elastic and bigger pockets then loops to go around the headrest in this great little car fabric found at Spotlight yesterday (don't even get me started on that one, I have banned myself for life!)
Well that's enough banter from me for one day, I am off to enjoy a cuppa and research car insurance while our house is still quiet and get onto some of that sewing....
Bel x

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