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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday #5 Welcome the new addition

My shadow shot sunday today is of the latest addition to our family "Lift" the budgie.

He is just the sweetest little yellow bird you ever saw and my son is so taken with him.

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cheers Em


  1. This post reminds me of a very funny story. One night I was woken by my husband talking in his sleep. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him holding up his finger, patting an imaginary bird. He said, 'Awww aren't you a cute little birdie'. I nearly rolled off the bed laughing :D

  2. Oh how sweet! Lift is so polite sitting there so you could get his shadow shot! And your son is so precious looking! :D

  3. Oh what a sweet little bird! I don't know which is cuter though..Lift or your son..they make a gorgeous pair in your photo! :D

  4. Lift sure is a cutie! That's such a sweet shadow shot!

    Just letting you know that I tried to open this shadow shot just now in Picasa & again it wouldn't work. Sorry. If you'd like me to include it in the collage for next week please feel free to email me a larger version if you have one (my email link is in the sidebar of my blog). Dimensions need to be around 300/400. Even 250 may work.

    Anyways, cute budgie & cute boy :)

  5. It's so cute how animals take to our little ones like that. What a pretty Yellow he is!

    Twinkle - LOLOL - too too funny. My hubby would never live that down!

  6. How cute is this...the sweet lil' cherub face with the trusting budgie, Lift...and what a cute name!

  7. His name is Lift because he is yellow and that is the name of a softdrink here (soda)

  8. Hi Em,
    You left a comment on my blog
    can you email me at info@menuinabox.com

    PS love all the clips - sooo creative!

  9. Cute budgie! Your son and Lift are going to be great pals.

  10. Love that 2nd shot Em - they look like great little mates!


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