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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Things on the Go....

Well at both homes we have projects on the go this week, I know that Bel is madly trying to find the spare time to make some great new Hairclip holders that will be in our Etsy Store soon so keep an eye out... and me on the other hand am still trying to finish my colony of Sock Monkeys (there are 6 creatures in the UFO stage).
As we are meeting our Fello BrisStylers on Saturday for our Monthly catch up (my first since joining the group) we really want to take along some of our latest crafty pursuits... so it is heads down bums up.
~~~ only problem is neither of our sons seem to like to leave us long enough to even thread the needle!! LOL
will keep you all updated with how we go



  1. Kids! if only they could be seen and not heard ;)

    Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday Em.
    Cheers, Amanda

  2. as for leaving your boys - run! ... fast!! and don't look back! Come and enjoy cakes and tea at Hamilton!!! (they'll forgive you!)

  3. Oooh, I've got to say I'm glad it's not only me. Cling-on kids. Gotta love 'em!!!
    By the way, I blogged your lovely clips and brooch today. You'll find it on the world's longest blog post!!! Cheers, Bec

  4. I like the sound of a colony of sock monkeys! And good luck with the 'heads down bums up' plan :D


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