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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mere Male

Ok, I just thought I would share something with you that I find quite amusing....
After arriving home this afternoon from spending a few quality hours with fellow BrisStylers, My Darling Husband asked me if I felt like going to the drive-in theatre tonight (yep they still exist, there is only 1 I know of in SE QLD tho check it out here). Well the movies on offer were (double feature) Star Wars - The Clone Wars and then The Dark Knight... which neither really tickle my fancy, so I decided to decline his offer. He was quiet for a while and then told me that if I wanted a night in by myself he would take our son with him to the drive-ins (he is only 20mths old). Anyhoo after me telling him that he was kidding himself that said son would sit still/not squak/be interested for that amount of time they left me to my own devices around an hour and a half ago, and a text message just came through to say that there is snoring coming from the backseat!! hmmph pie in my face, I CAN'T BELIEVE he got him to go to sleep, he wont even sleep in the car for me when we are moving when he is tired!! LOL
So now I am contimplating cutting out some fabric for a baby bag that I am making for a friend's shower, but not really sure if I am in the mood. Maybe I will get an early night in bed?

xx Em


  1. Gosh I haven't been to a Drive-In since I was a kid! Neither of those movies appeal to me either. Hope you enjoyed your peaceful night in.

    Hey I just made the SSS collages & wanted to let you know that your shadow shot from last week wouldn't open in the editing program I use to make the collages. It may have been a bit too small or something. Weird. Anyway, I used your shadow shot from the previous week. It worked fine & looks great. Cheers Tracy :)

  2. Woo Hoo!!!! You lucky lucky thing. And GO HUBBY - what a guy! Hope you enjoyed your night :)
    Cheers, Bec


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