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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Calm before the Storm...

Well I am not sure what is going on but a strange calm has come about me in regards to the market this weekend. I got alot of stuff finished on the weekend and even managed to get a lot of stock counted, tagged and packed and even though I still have LOTS to do I am feeling ok about it all (this does not mean I will not be having minor heart failure later in the week ;)

I even found some time to make a quick trip to Ikea this morning and pick up some display material and catch up with my good friend Kate who brought me these amazing Russian Doll Measuring cups. They are so Cool! and are going to come in very handy this week measuring all the ingredients for the DIY cookies
I got some cute Pin Cushions finished over the weekend. I really want to keep one but seeing as I can't pick a favorite (I am SO indecisive) I am just going to bring them all along and will see what's left over, maybe lots maybe none :)
DH was amazingly supportive as usual and made up a little stand to display our onesies on and tonight is working out a little man to hang the capes on Ok better get back to it before those dark clouds start rolling in

Hopefully I will be back with some more updates this week, if not see you on the 5th

Bel x


  1. My you have been busy. I think I would have a hard time deciding which pincushion was my favourite too. Those cups are super cute too.

  2. Goodness Bel, you have been busy! I LOVE the pincushions and those onesies are simply adorable. Your shop will look fantastic, as usual. See you Saturday.

  3. WOW Bel this is incredible that you have managed to do all this, and look after BrisStyle and be a supermum and superwife. I'm thoroughly in awe. Can't wait to check out all your goodies in the flesh (fabric??).

  4. There are three babies for three bottles and all are right at there places. Something is hidden behind its arrangement too.

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