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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Organised... Not :(

When I worked in an office I was the most organized person I knew, I had lists for everything and had my days planned sometimes weeks in advance. When I had my first boy I think I was still pretty organized we had a rough schedule and stuck to it most days, this time around we have nothing and the more things I need to do the more unorganized I am becoming :(

I am hoping (maybe I should say praying) that after the next few chaotic weeks leading up until Christmas things will start to slow down and we can all find our groove again and some of that organization will seep back into my life.

Today for us was an early start (I don't do early mornings very well) so it is now on 10am and already we are bored. The little one was the only one that decided sleep was a good thing today so Sax and I did some Christmas card painting...

and when he got bored of that (we started with 10 cards, but only managed to get through 6, he's not the most patient child and I think my restlessness is rubbing off on him too) it was outside for some bubble blowing before it got too hot (yes Em he's still in his pj's ;P)
The courier just dropped off some goodies for me, aren't they cute (lots to reveal in the coming weeks)
Ok back to trying to get organized better go start some washing...

Have a happy day, Bel x


  1. I can so imagine you being a super organised secretary Bel!

    I prefer to live by the seat of my pants a little :D


  2. Bel, you would be proud of me I was in my "jammies" til about 11am today shock horror!! haha
    hey it is harder to organise yourself when you have little helpers so dont be too rough on yourself xx
    hope you are crafting heehee


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