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Monday, November 16, 2009

It's getting hot...

And I am not just talking about the weather! Wow 10 days without blogging thats gotta mean I have been busy. Last week went by in a blur and now another week closer to the BrisStyle market on Dec 5th and I really am starting to freak out

Although on a good note, it has been hot hot hot in my kitchen lately...

I have been working on something new for our next market stall - DIY Cookies - Yep thats right, its all ready to go (even comes with a wooden spoon) just add the wet ingredients (instuctions provided) and hey presto a yummy batch on chocy cookies ready to enjoy!I think these will make fantastic presents and all Saxon's Kindy teachers will be getting one this year (along with one of Jetta's Nest AMAZING Christmas cards ;)

We will have a limited number of these available on Dec 5th so if you are interested and would like to pre-book an order just send us an email or leave a comment on this blog and we will be in contact.

Also last week I had to privlidge of making some engagement cupcakes for the very talented Chris of LittleChrissy fame and her partner Damien. We went along to share a lovely afternoon in the park and partake in a sausage or two and a lovely time was had by all (especially Sax). It reminded me of just how much I love to bake and create and I will have some very exciting news to share in the coming weeks (just a little something that I have been working on, so stay tuned ;)
Hope you all have a great week and manage to keep cool

Take care, Bel x

P.s stay tuned for more details of what we have been working on for the markets on December 5th and if you haven't already make sure you pop over to the BrisStyle Blog for a chance to take part in our giveaway :)


  1. Bel the cupcakes look stunning!


  2. Fab cupcakes Bel!! I'm a bit challenged when it comes to baking :-)

  3. Bel I love that idea with the cookie's in the jar so clever I am sure they will go done well with his teachers..

  4. Oooo Bel I think I need you on Christmas Day, with 9 adults and 7 children to cater for. Do you have anything on that day?

  5. Didn't Saxon have the most awesome time of all?? He was just hilarious!
    Am going to go home now and have the lucky last cupcake. Yummo!
    (PS love the biscuit idea. Very cute)

  6. How beautiful baking you made Bel!Great ideas to make some DIY cookies :)xx

  7. Hey Bel, what a great idea with those bikkie jars - very cool! Am very much looking forward to your stall at BiDM!

  8. Hi Bel,
    I just wanted to first thank you for the awesome cookies in a jar that you gave me in the Brown Owls swap last week. I baked them on the weekend and they turned out fantastic, so easy!I took some pictures and hope to put them on my blog in the next few days. Cheers Sarah

  9. I am so glad the cookies worked out well for you :)

    Hopefully we might see you on Dec 5th

    Merry Christmas, Bel xx


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