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Sunday, November 22, 2009



wondering if I could please have an extension on my BiDM Miss?

Somehow I dont think I will be able to convince all the other BrisStylettes that we should move BiDM just a few more weeks away!! I am trying to craft as much as I can in my extra time, but at the moment that is of the very minimum. Who needs sleep anyways!

As I have probably mentioned before (i cant even remember that) I am now a Tupperware demonstrator, and it has been going really well for me and I love it and the extra cash, but now that I am almost working full-time with Tuppy and my office job for our own business and looking after the 2 little boys I dont have a lot of time to spare. So please bear with me!!

Ok, so rather than posting on here, i really should be using my next 1 hr window before the next feed to get some things DONE for BiDM

see you all there!! more info over at the Brisstyle blog.


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