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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #55

We have all been busy at our house, and I really really really wanted to share a picture of the home my husband has been building, but due to confidentiality it is pretty tricky. But, he has given me permission to share his glass stairs, aren't they awesome :-)

What a clever husband I have, these stairs are truly amazing (not to mention the rest of the house) and don't they look magic like they are just levitating there!!

I have been working every opportunity i can to get some extra $$ together for christmas, so never a dull moment here.

We also had a visitor that we think sniffed out the chook's eggs today.. this photo truly doesnt do Anna justice, she was a whopper!!

take care and I will chat soon
internet on this laptop still sux



  1. What an incredibly clever husband you have, Em. Let's hope the lady of the house doesn't prance around in full, flowing skirts!

  2. That is a beautifully elegant stair case..I am not familiar with a chook but that was quite a catch...

  3. your visitor seems to enjoy the visit..

    Come and find out on how to become tall at my page.

  4. If I saw that thing in my backyard...no stairs will be long enough for me to run!! Your husband creation is fantastic!!

  5. Beautiful stairs, and the alligator(?)would give me a run for my money!

  6. Walk the glass staircase,
    but only with glass slippers
    wrapped around your feet.

    My Shadow Shot

  7. clever stair shot Bel! I have been meaning to email you as I wanted to know if you will be doing your super cute reindeer felt bags this year for the BIDM if so I wanted to put in a pre order if possible before they get snapped up again???? xtina

  8. ...thanks for sharing those stairs Em as you're right they are truly amazing - can't imagine what the rest of the house is going to look like.

    That Goanna looks pretty bug from here so it must have been huge from your angle.

    BTW loving my tea bag purse - so handy for work and play and am looking ofrward to getting more for my mum and her cronies for Christmas! I've popped a bit about your awesome BrisStyle blog giveaway over at my blog as it features one of the tea bag purses xox



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