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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Funny Week...

It's been a funny week around our place, well a should say a funny few weeks actually!

I was reading an email from a fellow BrisStyler who I hadn't heard from for a while and in it she was describing her life at the moment and after wards I thought, wow that totally sums up how I am feeling lately. It was something like this... "I feel like a duck, the view from above the water looks like I am gliding along all calm and in control yet underneath I am paddling like crazy and still don't feel like I am getting any where :( " Yep that's me at the moment! I have to just laugh or things really would be bad, so...

Just to round up our funny week, we had some funny socks to keep us entertained And a funny hat or two as well
Hopefully over the next few weeks I will find that balance I am constantly trying to achieve and things will start to calm down for us all. But for now I am just grateful, I have an amazing husband, two beautiful happy healthy little boys, I am surrounded by great friends and creative crafty inspiring people touch my life everyday!

Hugs those closest to you this week

Take care, Bel xox

p.s I will be back with that giveaway info but need to get some sleep now. Nite xx

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  1. Yep we're lucky people aren't we? We just have to remember that sometimes :) Great post.


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