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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Shadow Shot #12

Here's my shadow shot for the week. Its of my hubby trying to get our lawns mowed with a bit of help from his little follower ;)
Enjoy, Bel x
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  1. oh, sunshine. I vaguely remember that ;)

  2. So cute! Just think, when your little boy is big enough to be mowing your yard all by himself he'll likely have no interest. He'll be too busy following girls around. Not lawnmowers ;)

  3. Sweet shadow shot, so adorable.

  4. What bright sunshine, makes the job worthwhile, especially with such a sweet lil' Daddy's helper.

  5. Oh I remember those days very well! Enjoy them, they go by too fast! Sweet shadow shot!

  6. My son loves to follow his Poppa where ever he goes. One of his favorite spots to be is on the lawn mower with Poppa. Your shadow shot brings up good memories of our summer past.

  7. What a cute shot. It's good that your hubby has someone to help him mow the lawn ;)

  8. Like father, like son! It's a precious shadow!
    Karla & Karrie


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