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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap RESULTS

Hi Ladies,
Here is the official list, I will send you more details via email of your swappee

The way this works is it is a down the line swap, so number one makes for number two and number two for number three and so on, until the end of the list where number twenty-four makes for number one (i will detail further in your email)
I have run the list through the random generator, so I havent "fluked" any matchings.

1. Selina
2. Joanne
3. Lisa
4. Ali
5. Marcia
6. Ann-Maree
7. Maree
8. Ruth
9. Katy
10. Katie
11. Vivi
12. Ngaire
13. Melissa
14. Rachel
15. Em
16. Jacqui
17. Belinda
18. Bobbi
19. Diana
20. Trish
21. Lee
22. Sandi
23. Rosemary
24. Leah
25. Ali T.

please let me know if you have a blog that I havent listed or your link isnt working. Ok emails should reach you some time in the next couple of days



  1. Hi Em, It's Rachel at Four wise monkeys. You have your name at 14, but my blog, and I'm not listed. Can you check. I don't want to miss out! Thanks Rachel

  2. My blog link's not working!!!!

  3. Thanks EM, yes, stick me in there if you could!

  4. Hey, hey, hey! I just found you through Shadow Shot... could you work me in the list with the ornament swap??? It it's not possible I'll understand. Translation: my bottom lip wont stick out too far!

  5. I have the same question as Rachel - am I sending to you, or Rachel? (or both LOL)

  6. Ok sorry I will fix it all ladies, I really shouldnt have done this last night with screaming child on knee! LOL
    will try and sort out now, dont worry girls no one will miss out !!
    Em :-D

  7. Hi everyone,
    ok you should have received your email now with your swap partners, can you let me know if you havent received this for some reason?


  8. Yay, I got my email, can't wait to start. My name is on the list but my blog link is not. It's :fallenfromgracesewingandstuff.blogspot.com

    Ali. T :)

  9. Thanks Bel - looks so fun, I'm really looking forward to it - gotta love all things Christmas-sy :D

  10. em, thanks a lot, i'm really happy, and waiting..
    i can imagine everybody thinking of the pretty things to send :D

  11. Thanks Em - all perfect and I have been in contact with my lovely swap buddy and the buddy who is creating for me has been in touch to ask colour requests - how organised! Thanks this is going to be fun, have out my 'Martha' hat on to come up with a few great ideas, Lee x

  12. I've been contacted by my swap partners, thanks for organising the swap.

  13. I'm all good.... excited actually! Link works just fine. Made contact with Ruth already. :)

  14. Hi Rachel,
    my name does not appear on the list...am I too late? no worries, just thought i would enquire following previous emails...jen from stitching at stone cottage..


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