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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun & Fabrics

Hi All,

Lucas and I headed up to Brisbane's State Library today for Music & Toddler Play time, wow did he have a great time, I wish that the libraries on the Gold Coast were set up like this.

This is Lucas inside the giant Monster puppet (playing peekaboo of course)

and this is him 'Painting the town Red'

and... here are the lovely fabrics just waiting to be created into something special for my back-tack and handmade ornament swap partners.

(oh and that little reindeer just thought he would pop into the pic, I am making them for our next craft stall - excuse his runny nose ;-) )
xx Em


  1. You've got me interested in what you're going to create! I have ideas... but I have three other swaps to finish sewing for before I can start on this one!

  2. Yea Lucas...paint it all RED! Looks like a fun day! I took my two youngest to the planetarium today (it was a school holiday), had my camera, but alas, no SD inside - dang!

  3. That looks like a great day out!

  4. I love the reindeer (runny nose and all). We a super state library fans too. The whole area over there is so much fun (and free too). Lucas looked like he had a fantastic time.


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