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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Shadow Shot #10

This weeks Shadow shot is of a poor unsuspecting stick insect that Sax found near our front door and terrorised over a couple of days (You'd think the poor thing would have moved on)

I had to include a couple if extra pics this week too, so you really get the idea :) and the little thing also made some great shadows as well

He tired to get away and then I had to contend with the tears and try my hardest to explain why this wasn't really the best pet to try and play with ;)

Have a great day everyone, I am off to bake a cake for my niece's 11th birthday (will post some pics when done)

Don't forget to join in the shadow fun at Hey Harriets (click on the picture in the sidebar for more info)

Bel x


  1. I love this shot! The bug is cool, but my favorite part is the shadow of your little guy trying to touch it. Love it!

  2. They are all great shots! I really love the close up of the bug!!

  3. Super shadow...from this cool guy..he's a little on the skinny side though lol..love the first one with your fascinated onlooker! :D

  4. So sweet! Makes me miss my boys when they were that age and it was all about the bugs! lol Great shadow shots! :)

  5. Love these shadows!

    I agree! The stick insect creates a delicate, beautiful shadow!

    And my favourite too is where the little guy reaches to touch it and the shadows don't quite meet! Delightful!

  6. Ahhh, the praying mantis...what a grand creature to photograph and how innocent is the unfearing finger heading in it's direction. Great shot!


  7. Lovely shots Bel - the insect casts such a delicate shadow (pretty dumb though, if I was a stick insect, I wouldn't be hanging around an inquisitive toddler for long ... even if he is gorgeous!)

  8. Super shots of the stick insect & your little guy trying to play with him. They're not the most playful creatures! They make cool shadows though :)

  9. Oh, this is great..I always wanted to see one of these insects, but never did..Very interesting and I think I am not the only one, that thinks he is interesting..How cute he is..

  10. You can almost hear the screams coming from the bug!! How funny - it tells a story without saying anything (love those kind of pictures!!)
    The shadow of the walking stick are great too - nice work!
    Karla & Karrie

  11. this is a great shadow shot that also tells a story.
    Is this a pray mantis?

  12. Brave insect! Very cool shadow shots!


  13. Very brave child :-O Fabulous shadow shot Bel. I completely forgot to do shadow shot sunday this week. I think the start of school term was crowding my head. Cheers, Amanda :)

  14. great shadow shots Bel, glad you included the extra shots, that stick insect made a great shadow. we have huge ones up here and like your little fellow the kids just love them :0)


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