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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Four Favorite ETSY Finds #6

OK, well its my turn again and this time I thought I would share some of my favortie Monkeys on ETSY. My little boy has a very large collection of Monkeys that was started before he was even born bu my older brother. We are a family of collectors, I think it is something that we all share :)

1. Amigurumi Monkey Patternfrom AmyGaines Shop
2. Marky Monkey Pattern from forevertandm
3. Baby Orangutan Necklace from motleymutton’s Shop
4. Plush Monkey from Area Thrifty One’s Shop
Enjoy, Bel x


  1. Bel, I love the collection, is the AmyGaines monkey a hint? hee hee one day I will finish crotcheting it for Sax... also my fave is the little orangutan cute as!! xEm

  2. What a cute collection of cheeky monkeys - I love the guy with the stripey belly! Thanks for including me.

  3. Marky monkey is soooo cute! What a lovely set of cutie monkeys!


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