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Thursday, October 2, 2008

More Ear Problems

My Little Helper wearing his special apron from Robyn at Hot Fudge
Hi All,

Well there is yet again no sleep happening in our home, poor Lucas has developed another infection in the ear that still has the grommet and glue ear in the one that lost its grommet!! so more antibiotics. It is making for a very tired, grumpy family at the moment.

So after reading Maree's post yesterday about having whingy kids and baking cookies, we did the same at 7.15 this morning!! LOL

Here are the finished product.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

125g Butter
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar, lightly packed
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 egg
1 3/4 cups SR flour
1/2 tsp salt
125g choccie chips
60g chopped apricots

Cream together butter, sugars and vanilla. Add lightly beaten egg gradually, beating well after each addition. Mix in sifted flour and salt. Add chocolate chips and apricots and mix well Shape teaspoonfuls of mix into small balls, place on lightly greased oven trays, allow room for spreading. Bake in moderate oven for 10-12mins.

from The Australian Women's Weekly 'The Big Book of Beautiful Biscuits'

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  1. No sleep is the worst thing ever, you have all my sympathy. Little kids with sore ears is so upsetting too, he must be pretty miserable. Good idea to bake at 7.15! I'm sure that brightened everyone up, I'll have to try that tactic with my boy. Thanks for the recipe too!

  2. Poor little guy! Sounds horrible! Hope those yummy looking cookies cheered him up a little :)

  3. You poor loves, I hope the biscuits made things just a little easier for you all for a while.

  4. Yumbo! thanks for the recipe Em (chocolate plus fruit.... must be good for you!)
    Kisses for poor little Lucas, hope he (and his poor mummy) is feeling better soon


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