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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Growing Up!

We celebrated our niece Tanisha's 11th Birthday on Sunday. It feels like just yesterday she was this cute tiny little girl that adored and always agreed with us ;) ok she's still cute and she still reckons I am her favorite aunty so I guess I can't complain about that.

I have great pleasure every year in making the kids cakes, its so exciting pouring over the cake cookbooks deciding what they want. This year Miss 11 decided on a pink cupcake tower, which a) made me very happy cause it is a) really easy cake to do, b) I finally got to use my cupcake stand that I have had since last Christmas, and c) I also got to try out my brand new 'cupcake courier'.
As Em and I are both Kitchen fanatics, this has got to be the coolest thing in my kitchen at the moment. It was a bit of an expensive outlay, but I am sure with my little one as well as the niece's and nephew's it is going to earn its use over the years. Anyway, if your a kitchen gadget fan too check it out here

O'h and while I was loading up the pictures of the camera today, I also found some pics of the kids capes that I made last week. So far they have gone gone down a treat, I just need to think of a few more things that I can add to Sax's dress up box now...

Have a great day!
Bel xx


  1. Your niece is very lucky, that cake is fantastic. Those capes look pretty great too!

  2. Hey Bel,
    the cakes look great... good job and yay about using your cupcake courier!! how good are they
    xx Em


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