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Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's been happening around here

Hi everyone!!

Well time flies. It seems that it is almost the end of another week and I know I am not the only one watching the days/weeks/months fly past in a blur.

Bel & I will both be swaddling our new little bundles in only a matter of months (exciting but scary all the same)....

Here's what has been happening at my place this week (and last)
Lucas has been toilet training (see supplies pic below)

I had a day of non-stop cleaning the first day, but after that he has actually really suprised me at how quickly he has picked it all up, what a treasure. He even jumped out of the wave pool at Wet 'n Wild yesterday and told me he had to do a wee, so we ran to the garden and to my delight (not the hovering groundsmans) he did his first "bush wee"

I also visited the good old Spotlight 20% off sale and got myself some lovely fabric.

The japanese looking one and the red are for the new baby's nappy bag and the green cutting board stuff (which i adore) and the flowers are for my tote bag project for this weekend's Brown Owl's meet-up.

I also thought I would share these beauties that my sister gave to me from Funky Fabrix for my birthday, just can't decide what to do with them, and look at the divine bakelite buttons.

As Lucas is having a sleep it is time for me to run around with my magic wand, so I will chat to you all soon, have a great rest of the week and keep safe.



  1. wow how nice is your sister:)

  2. Great fabric and a big yay for Lucas , well done .
    clares craftroom

  3. thanks for the comment on my blog, wow I wish our spotlight had some of those fabrics!!!!

  4. His first bush wee! Well done Lucas!


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