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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good bye dear friend

Sadly today our beautiful old staffy Jessie passed away, so I just thought I would share some pics of some happier times that she spent with our family over the last 16 years
Bel xx


  1. Bel,

    I'm so sorry. 16 years, wow that is a long time. She must have shared some wonderful times with you all. It looks like Jessie was very much loved.

  2. Dear Bel,
    poor old Jess, at least now she is in Doggy Heaven with my Fergus living it up on an endless supply of pigs ears and bones :-) xx Em

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this sad news Bel. As Little Mary Moo said, 16 years is a long time. Jess certainly must have been a very well cared for and much loved pooch. I'm sure she enriched yours lives and you'll always have those happy memories.

    Tracy xo

  4. Bel, My heart broke when I read this. How lucky Jess was to have 16 years with such a wonderful family.
    Chris xoxox

  5. Oh Bel, I'm so sorry. Sounds like Jessie had a wonderful life living 16 years with people who loved her :)
    Matt and I were just saying yesterday how our staffy is starting to look all grey around her muzzle. It seems only yesterday she was a shiny red bundle playing tug-o-war with our shoelaces...

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. He was with you a long time. It's so sad.

  7. Oh Bel, that's so sad. I bet you're all missing Jessie heaps. Hugs and kisses for your family.

  8. so sorry... I know how sad it is to lose a best friend... I still mourn the death of my Kiki who died almost 4 years ago and my lil girl who was only 2 at the time still talks about her almost daily!


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