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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cute as a Button - Baby Bobby Pin Sets

Hi everyone,

Well it has been on the workdesk for a while now, and I have had all the supplies... but I have finally finished a few sets of the most divine little Baby Bobby Pins.

The covered button is only 1.27cm wide and the pin is 3.81cm (1.5") I have used hairdressing quality bronze bobby pins which took a lot of lab testing to discover these are of the highest quality and actually hold on to your hair really well.
They are priced for the recession at only $3/set (of 4) and OMG I can't wait to share some pics soon of them in a little bubs hair!!

Here is a snapshot of the sets that are for sale in our Etsy store now.... more to follow soon

x Em


  1. These are so cute! I love the colours you have put together.

  2. They look like little flower buds sprouting from tree branches...beautiful.

  3. OOO these are soooOOO beautiful. Lovely arrangement too :)

  4. Hmmmm, they look so juicy that I think I'll have to raid my piggy bank for a set tomorrow!


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