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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fabric Stamping and a prototype Bag

I have been thinking that fabric stamping is very cool for a long time, so during the week, Lucas and I donned our smocks and got out a rubber stamp and some calico and my paints and made this lovely piece of hand-stamped fabric.

After he had gone to bed that night, and I was very tired, but couldnt sleep, I decided that I would make a bag out of the fabric as a test run for the one that I am making at our Brown Owl's meetup on Sunday. Here it is, fully lined, cute vintage button. A bit rough but I like it as it was made with heaps of love. Glad I tried it out too as the one I make on Sunday is for transporting all my Owlie loveliness to and from our catch-ups so I will have to make it a bit deeper to fit all the bits and pieces I need in there!

Have a good day and I will be back tomorrow for shadow shot.

I feel like I have accomplished lots today, Have made 2 loaves of banana bread and a batch of cornflake cookies are in the oven. My lovely Physio El is on her way up to fix my exscruciating hip/neck/back problem (which has been in turn causing a mega headache) and then it will be off to vote. Then we have some clients coming over for a meeting this afternoon. So another busy day! But I love weekends

See you all tomorrow for SSS


  1. My you have been a busy girl. You sound like you are a little bit into the nesting. I love the bag. I hope you enjoy your Brown Owls.

  2. That bag is fantastic - can't beleive you just 'knocked it up' well done - you go girl! How have you been?? Keeping well?? Bump growing?? Luv Lee x

  3. Something very soothing about fabric stamping. Looks great.

  4. What a cute way of expressing the shadow. It never come this in my mind.

    Have a wonderful evening!


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