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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday # 28

Hi everyone,
This weekend my family and I spent the weekend at beautiful Twin Waters on the Sunshine Coast. It was a nice time away for us as a threesome before the fourth arrives....

My shadow this week is of our "sundial" sculpture on our back deck, pretty cool shadow it throws off dont you think.

Also, here is another shadow I took today, my 22wk bump. Makes me look skinny and fat in all the right places ;-) I think I should take all of my photos like this in the future.

For more shadow shots or to join in the fun visit Hey Harriet here.

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  1. your sundial shadow is so crisp & nice...where is the arrow pointing now?

  2. Love your 22wk bump shadow, so cute :)

  3. And what would the time read by the dial in your beautiful world down under...? Neat shot!

  4. Lovely shadow shot! Love your 22 wk "bump"! Really great! Happy SSS!

  5. The first shot is quite an intriguing composition... well done!

  6. Hi Em,
    Luv your bump - what a special time good on you for taking time out for a break away xx Lee

  7. Nice bump shadow. Keep us informed with a running "bump" each week. Happy SSS!

  8. balconies, decks and verandahs seem to be such perfect locations for shadow shots...

  9. love your shadow shots Bel - especially the last one ;)


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